Empowering businesses with personalised human resource solutions

NB Consulting cultivates synergy between employee relations and flourishing corporate cultures with tailored HR and recruitment services.

Human resources doesn’t have to be stressful – if you work with me

I am a trusted partner to small and medium-sized businesses, offering bespoke HR and recruitment solutions.

As a professional consultant, I am dedicated to streamlining HR processes into effective recruitment and employee retention strategies.

I assist businesses with vital HR functions that facilitate effective talent acquisition, employee relations and strategic HR strategies.

Clients have trusted my passion for people and unwavering commitment to creating sustainable cultures, fostering the thriving success of both businesses and employees.

My Mission

Helping businesses put the human back in resource

Reach out today, and together, unleash the full potential of human resources within your organisation.

What I Do

NB Consulting caters to corporate clientele, SMEs, and businesses of all sizes, offering expert knowledge and service in three primary HR functions:

  • Human Resource Administration
  • Employee Relations
  • Talent Acquisition

When you work with NB Consulting, you can trust that you are working with a partner that genuinely loves what they do.

Recruitment & Selection

  • Drafting compliant employee contractual agreements
  • Employment processes and procedures
  • Drafting and implementing policies and procedures
  • Crafting accurate job descriptions

Employee Relations

  • Performance management procedures
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Career development
  • Industrial relations
  • Team building interventions
  • Personality profiling

Talent Acquisition

  • Recruitment services
  • Applicant screening processes
  • Background verifications
  • Talent retention strategies

Seeking an HR partner genuinely invested in employee welfare and organisational success?

Get started and unleash the full potential of HR within your organisation.

Years of Experience

About Me

Passionate about
HR excellence

Passionate about
HR excellence

Passionate about HR excellence

As a firsthand witness to the positive impact compassionate HR practices have on employees and organisational success, every aspect of my service offering is personal, infusing customer interactions with the care and commitment it deserves.

As the founder of NB Consulting, I am driven by my passion for HR excellence, with a vision to reintroduce a personalised service and assurance into the world of HR. Inspired by the potential of people, my motivation is simple – to see my clients’ organisations thrive.

Natasha du Plessis


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